John Geddert, 2012 Olympic Team Head Coach and personal coach of Jordyn Wieber, posted a recap of his emotions during  and after the Olympics.  In the blog, Geddert expresses the sense of pride he felt when the women's team won the gold medal for the first time in sixteen years. "The euphoric highs associated with the phenomenal successes of Team USA at the Olympic games linger to this day."

Geddert also explains how the girls went from the "Fab Five" to "Fierce Five." Apparently, the "Fab Five" name belongs to a basketball team with a less than wholesome image. Additionally, Geddert expresses  anger and disappointment in Fox Sports Analyst, Bill Rieter. Rieter criticized Geddert and deemed Jordyn "The biggest disappointment of the Olympic games."

Geddert states, "Mr. Reiter not only twisted my words but  misrepresented my message, all for sheer drama. Shame on you sir and for your unprofessionalism and heartlessness  I dub thee the biggest disappointment of the Olympics".

Now for the really exciting news, Geddert mentions a second tour is in the works? Will all of the Fierce Five participate?

 UPDATE:  Aly and Jordyn will both be on the Teen Choice Live tour and possibly Gabby.

John Geddert's Blog