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Summer Plans For The College Gymnastics Recruit

Summer Plans For The College Gymnastics Recruit Season is over and now on to summer! What should you be doing to make the most of your time and become the most marketable college gymnastics recruit? 1.  Skills, Skills, Skills: Your skills are what opens the doors in the recruiting process. Every college coach is required to be competitive. They are searching for gymnasts who can score what is needed to raise their team score at their meets. 2. Exposure: You need to be seen by the college coaches. One way to do this is to go to a a summer c...

The Best Things About Being a Coach

Ever wondered what it would be like to be a coach once you're done with training? I always did. Having trained as a competitive gymnast for eight years, I have now shifted my focus to coaching and I love it more than I could ever have imagined. Although I miss training as much as I used to, coaching has allowed me to see the sport from a whole new perspective and use my experience to help younger girls. I want to encourage current gymnasts to consider getting into coaching as well as help coaches realise how vital and unique their role really ...

Illini Freshmen Bond Over Similar Experiences

This season, the freshmen of the Illinois women’s gymnastics team had a lot to bond over. All three girls were experiencing college life for the first time, but they were also all returning from injury. Jordyn Givens of Keller, Texas, recovered from an elbow injury, but competed for the Illini right away on vault. Bridget Hodan of Brookfield, Wisconsin, hurt her femur during the school year after competing at the annual Orange and Blue Exhibition in December. The newest addition to the team, Becca Cuppy of Ankeny, Iowa, joined the Illini...

Strong and Controlled Megan Walker

This week, our Stellar Senior is No. 7 ranked Auburn’s Megan Walker. Megan competes bars, beam and floor for the Tigers and consistently contributes high scores for the team. This week she is ranked No. 7 on beam. She’s originally from Pennsylvania and competed at the J.O. level with Southern Tier Gymnastics Academy. Prior to arriving at auburn, she was a 3-time Pennsylvania all-around champion and 3-time regional all-around champion. She also excelled on bars and beam, winning the regional championships 3 times on each event. At J...

What To Look For In Your Daughters Coach

Both my husband and I coached for over 25 years. It was a responsibility we took very seriously. We were blessed to have coached many National Champions and All Americans in both wrestling and gymnastics. When I look back on those years I never think of the accomplishments we achieved, but instead I think of the relationships that we built. I think of the athletes now and see all they have become as a person and I am so thankful that I could honestly say we coached from the heart. The definition of coach is: to encourage and train someone to a...

Stellar Seniors - Jessie Jordan, LSU

Our Stellar Senior this week is LSU’s Jessie Jordan, currently ranked No. 3 in the all-around standings and tied for second in the beam rankings. Jessie hails from Houston, Texas and trained under Deliana Vodenitcharova and Roumen Yordanov at Houston Gymnastics Center. She also trained with the infamous Alexander Alexandrov at HGC before he left to take over the Russian program and coach Aliya Mustafina. Jessie competed at the J.O. level and finished in the top 10 at J.O. nationals each year from 2007-2009. Jessie started her collegiate ...

A Look Back at the Stars of the Nastia Liukin Cup

.post-content img { padding: 10px; } This year marks the 6th annual Nastia Liukin Cup, a competition that takes place every March just before the American Cup and is hosted by Nastia Liukin and USA Gymnastics. Liukin launched the competition in 2010 with the aim of providing a platform for top level 10 gymnasts to perform on the national stage.  Prior to the competition, a series of invitationals, known as the Nastia Liukin Cup series, takes place in which a select number of gymnasts qualify to compete in the Cup itself. There a...

Stellar Seniors - Sachi Sugiyama, Michigan

This week we are celebrating No. 4 ranked all-around gymnast Sachi Sugiyama as part of our Stellar Seniors series. Sachi competes for University of Michigan and is shining in her senior year, competing all-around for the first time since her freshman year, adding in upgrades, and achieving some of the highest scores of her NCAA career. There must be something in the water in Texas, right? Sachi is originally from Keller, Texas where she trained at Top Flight Gymnastics and competed up to level 10. She started as a freshman at Michigan in 2012 ...

Raising Daughters In Sports

Raising Daughters In Sports

Jill Hicks

February 20, 2015, 11:59am

I will never regret that our daughters played sports. We commuted 3 hours to and from practice, spent lots of money on travel and our world revolved around their schedules. I look at the women they have become and would not change a thing. I came across this great article on 8 essential steps to raising confident girls: 1. Tell her you believe in her 2. Get her outside 3. Pursue her interest 4. Minimize the princesses 5. Parent with empathy 6. Help her love her looks 7. Sign up for sports 8. Show interest in her academics One of the best decisi...

A Tribute to British Gymnast Hannah Whelan

This morning, at around 10am British time, British Gymnastics announced the retirement of 2-time Olympian Hannah Whelan from elite gymnastics aged 22. Hannah has played a vital role in numerous British European and world-level teams and will be missed by the elite gymnastics community! I thought it was fitting to have a look back by way of tribute at the highlights of Whelan's competitive career.   See British Gymnastics' video tribute to Hannah here:   The beginning: Hannah started gy...

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Gymnastics blends with CrossFit-style workouts

Recently the sport of CrossFit has skyrocketed with popularity since it's inception in 2000.  The annual CrossFit Games are televised on ESPN in search of the fittest man and women on Earth. I recently read 50% of the events in the 2013 games had some type of gymnastics element. Also worth mentioning, six of the top ten girls and all of the top three girls had gymnastic backgrounds. Were these athletes solely training at a CrossFit facility or were they incorporating gymnastics training at a local gymnastics center to get a leg up in the ...

Norah Flatley

Norah Flatley

Angela Beltakis

January 27, 2015, 2:11am

Norah Flatley of Chow's Gymnastics & Dance. Current member of USA National Gymnastics Team (Junior). Current Status: Junior International Elite. U.S Junior National Bronze Medalist (2014 Junior National Championships). 14 years old & eligible Rio 2016.

Ending a great year.

Ending a great year.

Angela Beltakis

December 8, 2014, 4:02am

I've never been as interested in international gymnastics but 2014 had something that intrigued me. No need to state it did for many people! Theres been a lot of injuries all up, but thats expected; Rachel Gowey for example. Rachel Gowey is a gymnast that wasn't really on my mind, but as the news of her devastating ankle injury I felt the need to research more. I know despise the fact that I didn't come across this amazing, talented young gymnast sooner. Although I am unsure of the 2015 events I am excited to know that many gymnasts are coming ...

Bailie Key

Bailie Key

Angela Beltakis

October 9, 2014, 11:45pm

Bailie Key of Texas Dreams. Current member of USA National Gymnastics Team ( junior ) Current status: Junior International Elite. U.S Junior National Champion ( 2013 ). 15 years old. Eligible for Rio 2016

D and E Score Analysis from 2014 World Championships Women's Team Qualifiers

WAG World Championship Difficulty Scores going into Finals

World Championships: Can the USA retain their dominance in 2014?

Despite the fact that the 2013 World Championships in Antwerp fell just after an Olympic year, when many of the top athletes were taking much needed breaks from the sport to enjoy the celebrity spotlight, the USA team came away with the most medals it has ever won from a World Championship competition – eight medals in total, with a medal won on each event, including the All-Around gold. The year was somewhat unique, in that two of the 2012 Olympians (Kyla Ross and McKayla Maroney) were back in training and competed for the USA Worlds te...

Reflecting on Past National Championships: Part 5 - 2013

Here is the final part in my series on reflecting on past National Championships. Read about 2013 below! With 2013 being a post-Olympic year, there were a lot of new faces on the floor and only a few returning veterans. Kyla Ross and McKayla Maroney had decided to continue their training and were in attendance - Ross was competing All-Around still, while Maroney performed on vault and floor. Ross and Maroney had put together new floor routines, both of which received relatively high scores, particularly Maroney who received a 15.25 on Day 2. M...

Reflecting on Past National Championships: Part 4 - 2012

Here is Part 4 of my five-part series on reflecting on past National Championships - below I discuss the 2012 Nationals. 2012 was an Olympic year, and so the US National Championships were crucial for all the gymnasts involved. After two days of competition, the top eight athletes would automatically move on to the Olympic Trials. Anyone outside of the top eight (such as several event specialists) would need to rely on an invite from Martha Karolyi to move on to Trials as well. Several gymnasts from the 2008 Olympic team were back competing at...

Reflecting on Past National Championships: Part 3 - 2011

Continuing my five-part series on highlights from past US National Championships, see Part 3 below on the 2011 National Championships. The 2011 Visa National Championships was one of the most fascinating, albeit a bit scary, competitions in USA Gymnastics history. There were multiple Olympic comebacks taking place which had started at Classics - Alicia Sacramone continued her comeback from the previous year, adding in floor as well. Chellsie Memmel also came back, and, apart from her fall on bars on day 2 due to injury, was actually one of the...

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