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New Inspirational Gymnastics Video

"It's not about how hard you're hit. It's about how hard you can get hit, and keep moving forward. That's how winning is done." Looking for some inspiration for a great workout today? Anna Burns has uploaded a new video called "Elite Gymnastics - Why do we fall?" that has been spreading inspiration to gymnasts around the World.  World and Olympic Champion Jordyn Wieber, featured prominently in the video, tweeted this morning:  Likewise, the Parkettes elites used this video for motivation before their morning workout:  Former UCL...

Loveliest Leos: World Championship Edition

Bedazzled, bejeweled, and bedecked, as we take a look at the fashion statements from the 2013 World Championships, it is clear that this year was all about the bling! The 2013 World Championships topped the charts with high-flying performances from the American squad that secured Biles, Maroney, and Ross alike medals of glittering gold. But in the hunt for top spot as the winner of the 2013 World Championship’s Loveliest Leo, the playing field is wide open. Take a look at the contestants then cast your vote as we look for the best leo of...

College Coaches Recruit Character

College Coaches Recruit Character

Jill Hicks

October 18, 2013, 10:44am

Character is defined as: The way someone thinks, feels or behaves. I was at Level 9 Westerns last year and noticed something interesting. I was standing next to a college coach of a top 12 team. We were watching the meet together, focused on the younger age groups. This coach standing next to me had a tablet and was jotting down names of girls he saw that were being positive, encouraging teammates and respectful to their coaches. He was not focused on performance, but on character. When you have coached in college long enough, it becomes appar...

Favorite Team USA Leotard from 2013 World Championships

The USA women's gymnasts truly dazzled during their time in Antwerp at the 2013 World Gymnastics Championships. The three competitive athletes - Simone Biles, Kyla Ross, and McKayla Maroney - impressively compiled eight medals during the individual Championships. Biles won two golds, one silver and a bronze. Ross tallied three silvers while Maroney claimed vault gold.   During their stellar performances, the girls were outfitted with sparkly new apparel provided by Under Armour and GK Elite. We caught up with Executive Vice President...

2013 World Championships Women's GOLD Medal Routines

2013 World Beam Medalists, L to R: Kyla Ross, Aliya Mustafina, Simone Biles. The 2013 World Gymnastics Championships came to a close over the weekend in Antwerp. Here's a recap of the newly crowned World Champions on the women's side. All eyes will be on these gymnasts as we progress into the quadrennium. 2013 Women's World Vault Champion: McKayla Maroney of USA Score: 15.724 Average VT1: 16.066 (6.30D / 9.766E) VT2: 15.483 (6.00D / 9.483E) As the final competitor in a very deep field, reigning World Vault Champion McKayla Maroney prevailed on...

2013 World Championships Men's GOLD Medal Routines

The 2013 World Gymnastics Championships came to a close over the weekend in Antwerp. Here's a recap of the newly crowned World Champions on the men's side. All eyes will be on these gymnasts as we progress into the quadrennium. 2013 World Floor Champion: Kenzo Shirai of Japan Score: 16.000 (7.40D / 8.60E) Competing in his first World Championships, 17-year-old phenom Kenzo Shirai of Japan won the men's floor title with a crazy routine that ended with a stuck quadruple twist. Shirai's massive difficulty score of 7.40 was the highest in the fiel...

World Domination - Antwerp 2013

World Domination - Antwerp 2013

October 4, 2013, 2:00pm

Simone Biles and Kyla Ross celebrate their 1-2 finish in the World All Around Final. Photo by Melissa Perenson.  The 2013 Antwerp Women's World Championship All-Around From the Perspective of a 15-year-old British Gymnast:  Wow. What a competition. Coverage of the Women's Artistic All-around World Championship final finished on my T.V just five minutes ago, and I wanted to write about it while it was still fresh in my mind, and I could still clearly remember the feelings I experienced, the most dominant of which, excitement. Admitted...

Highlights, Surprises and Must-See Video: 2013 World Championships Podium Training

Gymnastike was all around the arena during the 2013 World Championships podium training. While hundreds of videos of top gymnasts around the World preparing for the biggest competition of the year is a dream come true for any gymnastics fan, we can only imagine you are a little lost as you sort through the pages of content. So, here's our quick list of highlight routines and skills from the 2013 World Championships podium training.  The Big Names:  McKayla Maroney Maroney basically duplicated her Olympic Team Finals vault perfection....

First Impressions 2013 World Championships Training

We've just concluded our first full day of coverage at the 2013 World Championships in Antwerp. Being the very first day of scheduled training in the official training hall, we got our first look at contenders from around the World. As we attempt to wrap our head around the day and sort through all the videos of amazing gymnastics on display, here's a rundown of the memorable moments and incredible skills from the women's training sessions.  Let's begin with World and Olympic Champion Aliya Mustafina of Russia. She looked fantastic. She u...

McKayla Maroney is Back to Defend Her World Vault Title

McKayla Maroney at the 2011 World Championships. Photo by Melissa Perenson.  The 2011 World Championships in Tokyo marked the first major international competition for World and Olympic Champion McKayla Maroney. After making vast improvements to her routines on bars and beam, Maroney found herself second all around and first on vault at the 2011 Visa Championships. Maroney earned her place on the team for Tokyo and helped Team USA decisively win the team gold medal by delivering a strong Amanar vault and expressive floor routine during th...

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My Olympic team after the 2012 Secret US Classic

Based on this competition my 5 for London are: Jordyn Wieber, Gabby Douglas, Aly Raisman, Nastia Liukin, Kyla Ross. Vault: Wieber, Raisman, Ross/Douglas Uneven Bars: Liukin, Douglas, Wieber/Ross Balance Beam: Raisman, Wieber, Liukin Floor: Raisman, Wieber, Douglas/Ross Kyla Ross can be replaced by: Anna Li (UB) or McKayla Maroney (V, FX?) If my original team goes through, the alternates would be Finnegan, Maroney, and Price. CAN'T WAIT FOR VISAS! What are your teams looking like?

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Heavy Duty Machines by Foton Australia

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Maintenance of Machines – Must To Make It Work Efficiently

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Honda Mowers the Best Trimming Machine In Town

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Extreme lifting equipments

Machines have transformed the way of working. From the ancient age to current age there has been continuous development in technology. Lifting operations are higher risk activities that require appropriate planning before implementing. Machines have changed the way of working. From the primitive age to modern age there has been continuous development in machine technology. Lifting operations are high risk activities that require appropriate planning before implementing. It's essential that your employees have the appropriate material lifting e...

Get Used Cranes at Reasonable Cost

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