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The Flip Side

The Flip Side

Jessica Macay

July 23, 2014, 8:55pm

A coach’s job is to motivate his or her athletes so that they can reach their full potential.  Gymnastics is no different.  However, gymnastics coaches never seem to receive the credit they deserve.  The difficulty of a coach’s job is often overlooked because of the difficulty of the sport.  A gymnastics coach has tons of things to do every day.  They have to plan each practice with their gymnasts’ progressions in mind.  They have to go through the physical labor of spotting.  They have to e...

Facts About Athletic Scholarships

~Full athletic scholarships cover tuition and fees, room, board and required course related books. Some student-athletes receive athletic scholarships covering only a portion of these costs. ~The sport of gymnastics at the Division 1 level are allowed to have 12 full athletic scholarships per team. They are usually separated into four year increments. ~The average value of a full scholarship at an in-state, public school is $15,000 a year. For an out of-state public school, the average value is $25,000 a year. Full athletic private school schol...

Top 10 Things Not to Ask a Gymnast

Top 10 Things Not to Ask a Gymnast Ask a gymnast any of these questions and you can be sure to get a McKayla Maroney "not impressed" face as a response.     1. Can you do a flip?    2. Are you going to the Olympics?  3. Are you flexible? 4. Why do you wear a swimsuit to practice?  5. Have you seen the movie Stick It?  6. Do you do cheerleading too?  7. Why do you wear gloves on the bars? 8. Why don’t girls do the rings?  9. How do you not get dizzy flipping around so much? 10. C...

Improving All-around Gold Chances

The prestigious award in any gymnastics competition is the individual all-around gold.  It is sought after because it demonstrates a gymnast’s ability to balance the grace and power of the sport. Every gymnast has a favorite event and conversely a least favorite event.  The least favorite event usually suffers because the lack of time and effort devoted to it.  However, to win the all-around gold, it is important to find ways to stay motivated when training on every event. For the more graceful gymnasts, vault and bars are...

Beams, Dreams, & Circus Themes

It isn’t news that young gymnasts train harder, stronger, and more hours than athletes of the same age in most other sports. It comes with the territory, and it comes with the love for the sport. While most little gymnasts have trouble deciding on which leotard they’re going to wear to practice, they somehow never ask questions about five hour practices or working through bloody hands, Sever’s, and Osgood Schlatter’s. When you are a little gymnast, the visualization of wearing your country's colors on an international p...

The Best 8 Year Old in the World?

This is 8 year old Sienna Robbinson of The Academy of Gymnastics Salcianu in Las Vegas, Nevada. Sienna Trains alongside Junior International Elite Gymnast, Maile O'Keefe, and HOPEs gymnast, Trista Goodman. Sienna soon hopes to qualify elite... But she isn't quite old enough yet. Sienna might have to wait awhile until she is olympic age eligible, but she still attends the developmental camps at the ranch. Even though she might be the youngest one at camp (and the smallest), Sienna has some huge skills for a tiny 8 year old!  Sienna's double...

Towson alumna Kacy Catanzaro makes history on American Ninja Warrior

Kacy Catanzaro competed with Towson gymnastics for the 2009-2012 seasons.  The gymnastics alumna displayed her athletic talents by earning the titles of NCAA Southeast Regional Gymnast of the Year and the ECAC Gymnast of the Year during her collegiate career.  Now, she displays her athletic talent in a new way, on NBC’s obstacle course show, American Ninja Warrior.  With her successful gymnastics career behind her, Catanzaro set her mind to a new goal and started training to become the first female American Ninja Warrior. ...

Excellence Conquered and To Be Continued

Pictured L-R: Sarah Patterson, Dana (Dobransky) Duckworth, Dee Foster Worley   Excellence Conquered and To Be Continued... by Dee Foster Worley   I first heard about it from a local reporter in my city.    Dee... Figure you knew this, but thought you might want to read the release.   I didn’t know.    I didn’t know that the two people who had been among the most instrumental contributors in my career as a gymnast (club and college), and as a person (during and after my gymnastics career) had ...

Jordyn Wieber Undecided on Return

Jordyn Wieber is still deciding about her return to competitive gymnastics. On Tuesday in an interview with WVOX Radio, Jordyn said “I’m still sort of deciding what I want to do at this point,”  via NBC Sports.   Jordyn just finished her freshman year at UCLA where she is also a manager for the gymnastics team. After turning pro, UCLA head coach Valorie Kondos Field offered Jordyn a manager position as a way to stay involved with the team even though she wouldn’t be able to compete.   When Jordyn’s ...

Mental Blocks

Mental Blocks

Jessica Macay

July 12, 2014, 10:37am

The book, Aristotle: The Politics and the Constitution of Athens, by Aristotle, translated by Dr Steven Everson, discusses gymnastics’ impact on the mind.  Aristotle discusses four areas of education: writing, gymnastics, music, and drawing. Why am I telling you this? Because the mental aspect of gymnastics is one of the most crucial…and even Aristotle knew that.    Mental Blocks are the most common set backs in the sport.  Sometimes they happen because of an injury but other times they happen for no apparent r...

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Ash sandal

Ash sandal

WuMengjie Jane

July 30, 2012, 8:45pm

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How Slimline Poly Tanks Are Useful?

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If Day 1 of Nationals was Team Finals.

For the best score, the combination of Wieber, Douglas, Raisman, Ross, and Maroney. V: Maroney, Wieber, Raisman (47.225) UB: Ross, Douglas, Wieber (46.000) BB: Raisman, Ross, Douglas (45.1) FX: Raisman, Wieber, Douglas (45.75) Overall score: 184.075 A team with Finnegan (replacing Douglas on beam) instead of Maroney (who Douglas would take place of) would have scored .25 lower.

Know About Colorbond Cladding Profiles

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Save Money With The Victoria Rain Water Tank Rebate Program

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My Olympic team after the 2012 Secret US Classic

Based on this competition my 5 for London are: Jordyn Wieber, Gabby Douglas, Aly Raisman, Nastia Liukin, Kyla Ross. Vault: Wieber, Raisman, Ross/Douglas Uneven Bars: Liukin, Douglas, Wieber/Ross Balance Beam: Raisman, Wieber, Liukin Floor: Raisman, Wieber, Douglas/Ross Kyla Ross can be replaced by: Anna Li (UB) or McKayla Maroney (V, FX?) If my original team goes through, the alternates would be Finnegan, Maroney, and Price. CAN'T WAIT FOR VISAS! What are your teams looking like?

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hosting web adult free

Brandie Leach

May 14, 2012, 1:06am

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