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    Workout Wednesday with the Universal Guys


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    Over the past few years Yin Alvarez has coached his Universal men's team to national prominence. Last year the small gym in Miami was home to 3 US Junior National Team Members in Danell Leyva, Edward Mesa, and Max Mayr. Yin's pair of 11-year -old level 9's, Rafael Javellana and Marcos Gatinho, took 1st and 3rd all-around at the 2008 Future Stars National Championships. Then just 2 weeks ago, 17-year-old Danell Leyva finished 2nd AA at Winter Cup and was selected to the US Senior National team.

    This workout was filmed January 12, a few days after their home meet, the Universal Invite. Typically theses guys train twice a day, and this is footage of their morning workout.

    One of the cool things you'll notice in this video is the huge amount of support these guys have for each other. Everyone helps each other out. They're like a bunch of brothers.

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