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    WOGA (Katelyn Ohashi)


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    *This Routine was named Breakout Routine of the Year in Gymnastike's Best of 2011.*

    This beam routine by American junior gymnast Katelyn Ohashi is the most amazing routine we've seen yet in 2011. Ohashi finally nailed her layout full twist, handled high difficulty with ease and elegance, then surprised us with an incredibly difficult, rarely competed full-twisting double pike dismount. Ohashi scored a 15.900 with a massive 6.90 difficulty score. For some perspective, Anna Porgras of Romania won the 2010 World Championships beam title with a 15.366 (6.5/8.866). Unfortunately for Katelyn, and for Team USA, she will be age ineligible for the 2012 Olympics, missing the cutoff by only a few months.

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