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    NCAA Preview- #11 Illinois


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    The University of Illinois is back in NCAA National Championships as a team for the second time in program history after finishing second at the Alabama Regional. Illinois qualified as team to NCAA's for the first time in 2009. We chatted with Interim head coach Kim Landrus as well as Senior Melissa Fernandez to give an in-depth preview of this year's Illini team.
    The 2011 Illinois gymnasts are:
    Allison Buckley, Melissa Fernandez, Sarah Fiedler, Elise Gill, Macy Hyatt, Kelsey Joannides, Jaclyn Kantecki, Elizabeth McNabb, Lashlee Morris, Samantha Perino, Amber See, Alina Weinstein, Hannah Welker

    Illinois will compete in the 1st of two preliminary sessions, facing UCLA, Oklahoma, Michigan, Georgia, and Arkansas. Illinois starts in a bye before bars finishing on vault.

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