trying to get back some of my old stuff


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    Well as most of you know a few years ago i had a fairly bad injury that took me out the game for almost 3 years i just got back to training spring 2011 and have been takin fairly easy drilling nothing but basics...... till now!!

    i finally decided i am ready to get back in the game this video is compiled from tonight (tuesday september 12 2012) Im gonna mark this down as the day i got back to serious tricking ... i feeel like i am finally motivated to get back to the level i used to be at preinjury i feel like i am mentally ready to go even further than that level once i reach it again!

    this video is nothing special no dubs or any tumbling .. hell i didnt even use any kicks in this video ...

    but i threw some of my first atwist fulls atwist flashes and scoot gainers in years .... so i was deff pretty excited to see its all still there !!

    iam thinkin about getting back to tossin dubs and tumbling by the end of the month !


    ill deff be trying to upload alot more vids to monitor my progression!

    soo stay tuned!!

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