One of the most fun parts of the Kellogg's Tour of Gymnastics Champions has been the special guests that have come to watch the show.  Redfoo of LMFAO, USAWomen's Soccer Team, cast from Teen Wolf, Kenny Ortega, Mystere cast members and Carlton of Fresh Prince.  

The girls have loved knowing these amazing people are in the crowd watching the shows.  They are still holding out hope that Justin Bieber might show up.  When we were in LA at the STAPLES Center, we had a crazy fun time.  The after party with Redfoo was a highlight for sure.

I think what I have seen from all these amazing "stars"is that they really are just people like you and me.  On both sides, whether its the Fierce Five or the Hollywood surprise visits, they love meeting each other.  

One of my personal highlights was meeting Kenny Ortega.  He has produced and choreographed Micheal Jackson's past tours.  What a sweet, kind man.  He loved the show and was very gracious to all.