On December 6, 2102, Olympic gold and silver medalist, McKayla Maroney, underwent her third surgery in three months.  This surgery was to remove two large screws from left tibia, which doctors inserted in a surgery in September.  As Gymnastike previously reported, Maroney broke the bone on a bar dismount during the second stop of the Kellogg's Tour of Gymnastics Champions in September.   

Maroney tweeted this photo of herself shortly after the surgery, holding a large screw, with the following message:  "Surgery went well.. Thanks for all the prayers.  Had two of these taken out!!!  Thumbs up guys."

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The surgeries do not appear to have slowed down the energetic Maroney.  In between them, among other things, she did her famous "not impressed" face with President Obama, appeared on Hart of Dixie, and rejoined the Kellogg's Tour.  Despite spending weeks on crutches, she traveled extensively to promote the tour throughout the country, including at this great appearance in Washington, DC, where she surprised a young fan with a phone call.  

Since the Olympics, Maroney become a household name.  Recently, Yahoo! news named her "not impressed photo" the most viral photo of 2012, and Bing named her one of its top searched athletes.  The 16-year-old has nearly half a million Twitter followers.