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Welcome to Gymnastike's Adult Gymnastics Page!

Welcome to Gymnastike's Adult Gymnastics Page! 

This page is an interactive community for adult gymnasts and fans of all ages to share and expand our love of gymnastics.  Whether you are continuing in the sport after many years, returning after weeks or years off, trying it for the first time, or want to learn more, we welcome you to this great community. 

This page offers a variety of interactive resources, including an ever-growing list of adult gymnastics classes throughout the country.  Click
here or see below to view the classes as a spreadsheet.  Click here or see below to view the classes on a map.  The page also offers videos, photos, gymnast introductions, meet information, articles, and much more.

We welcome your contributions and feedback!  Please introduce yourself, upload your videos and photos, send information about adult classes and meets, and share your comments.  You can fill out the forms below or email

We hope you join us in sharing your love of gymnastics and showing that it can be a sport for all ages!

NEW:  Adult class map!  Click on your area below to find a class near you! 

On June 16, 2013, 22 adult women competed in the AAU Age Group Nationals in Orlando, Florida.  Click here to watch videos from the competition.  Click here for results. 
22 female adult gymnasts competed in the Ladies' Division at AAU's Age Group Nationals in Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin, on June 22, 2012.
Click here to check out videos and photos from the meet!
Check out Gymnastike's coverage of the adult gymnastics meet at Capital in Burke, VA, on October 1, 2011!
Click here to check out Gymnastike's coverage of the adult gymnastics meet at Capital Gymnastics in Burke, VA, on Saturday, October 1, 2011!  To our knowledge, this is the most extensive internet coverage of an adult meet ever!  We hope you enjoy viewing these amazing adult athletes' routines, post-meet interviews, photos, results, and more.  All meet proceeds went to the Special Olympics. 

When you're done, check out the behind-the-scenes info on how we put the meet together and get tips on organizing and running your own adult meet!

Conditioning with the adult class at Capital in Burke, VA.

Videos from adult gymnastics classes throughout the country. Please feel free to upload yours (see instructions below)! To see all videos click on "Videos."
To upload videos to this page, click on "upload videos above," or click here: and follow the instructions.  To make sure your video ends up on this page, after uploading, please go into "my videos" and click on  "edit"" or  "quick edit" and set both the "Category" and Coverage as "adult gymnastics."  If you have uploaded more than one video, please use "edit" rather than "quick edit."  Thanks for sharing your videos! 
Adult meets and/or meets that offer adult divisions. For additional information on AAU meets, visit: To share information about other meets for adults, click on "Create new event" or email




Empire Gymnastics Academy's 2nd Annual New Orleans Christmas Classic

Location:  New Orleans Convention Center
Details:  Empire's 2nd Annual New Orleans Christmas Classic will feature an adult level competition within the regular kids' meet.
Rules:  The meet will likely follow xcel prep rules 
Rose Robertson,
For additional information, please visit:  






AAU Winter Nationals

AAU Winter Nationals

SPIRE Institute
P.O. Box 316
1822 South Broadway
Geneva, OH 44041
330-652-4386 (voice) / 330-652-4387 (fax)

Ronald Ferris
(330) 652-4386

Entry Fee: $85   

Entry Deadline:  Early Bird:  December 24, 2013; regular deadline:  January 15, 2014

Note:  Though the meet materials don't specifically mention a Ladies' division, the organizers have confirmed that, as in prior years, the meet will offer a ladies' division.  

Adult women can compete in the following levels:
1.  All Excel levels - bronze, silver, gold, platinum, and diamond
2.  USAG level 7 
3.  USAG level 8
4.  Open Optional:  USAG level 9 rules, with modifications (D and E skills are permitted, and level 10 bonus is in effect) 

Excel levels follow USAG Excel rules, with some modifications (see AAU's Gymnastics Handbook, here)

For more information on Excel rules, visit USAG's site, here

To purchase the JO Code of Points, visit USAG's site, here.  
Click here to view the event flyer for additional details. 

AAU Membership
:  Gymnasts and coaches participating in AAU events must be current AAU members.  To register for AAU membership, click here.  AAU requires background screens for all non-athletes (e.g., coaches) and adult athletes.    


Click here to view the list on a full page, and click here to view it as a map.  If you'd like to contribute information for inclusion in this list, please email or leave a comment below.

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Click here to meet some of the "Dinosaurs," the adult gymnasts at Capital Gymnastics in Burke, VA!  

When you're done, feel free to share your and/or your class' bio by clicking here and adding your information to this document.  Or, email your info to 

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