Catalina Ponor

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Catalina Ponor
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The Contender (Catalina Ponor)

on August 6, 2012

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Romania's Catalina Ponor won gold on both beam and floor exercise at the 2004 Olympics. Eight years later, Ponor returns to both finals in hopes of repeating her dominant performance.

Catalina Ponor is an Olympic Champion from Romania. In 2004, she helped the Romanian team to the Olympic gold medal in Athens and also won individual gold medals on beam and floor.

She is one of only two gymnasts who won gold in Athens and have continued on to the London Olympics. She is known for her aggressive style on balance beam, competing many difficult skills and connections. Her beam routine has a difficulty score of 6.5, one of the highest in the world.

Remarkably, she is still a favorite to win gold on balance beam and floor exercise. The Romanian team is also on the rise in 2012, winning the European title over the Russians. Ponor became European champion on beam and took silver on floor exercise.

Ponor has been in and out of the sport since 2006 but made a commitment to come back to the sport in 2011 and train for the 2012 Olympic Games. At the 2011 Romanian National Championships, she tied for gold on beam with Ana Porgras. Additionally, Ponor won gold on vault and silver on floor.

She did not compete at the 2008 Olympics, but won two bronze medals earlier that quad, on the balance beam in 2005 and with the Romanian team at the 2007 World Championships. She first tasted success at the 2003 World Championships, where she brought home three silver medals in the team, balance beam and floor exercise competitions.

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