Talia Chiarelli

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Talia Chiarelli
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Talia Chiarelli Reflects On Great Season But Disappointing Finish

on April 17, 2015

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Talia reflects on this season and the team mood following prelims

Talia Chiarelli is a member of the 2011 Canadian World Championships team that will compete in Tokyo, Japan.

Talia is a native Canadian but lives in Boston and trains at Brestyan's Gymnastics with US National Team members Alicia Sacramone and Aly Raisman. She competed level 10 in 2008 then became a junior international elite and competed at the US Junior National Championships in 2009 and 2010. At the 2011 Canadian National Championships, Chiarelli placed 3rd on Vault and 5th in the All Around. The 2011 Japan Cup was her first competition out of North America.

  • Brestysan's