Artur Akopyan

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Artur Akopyan
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Slideshow: The Fierce Five's Golden Moment

on September 5, 2012

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The 2012 USA women's gymnastics team, known as the Fierce Five, became the second U.S. team to win the OIympic Team Gold and the first since the Magnificent Seven in 1996. Take a look back to the night of the womens team final competition through photographs by team doctor Larry Nassar and the parents in the stands.

Artur Akopyan is a former member of the USSR National Team. He now coaches at All Olympia Gymnastics Center in Los Angeles and is the personal coach of national team members Mattie Larson, Hallie Mossett, and Samantha Shapiro, and has worked with numerous national team members in the past.

  • AOGC

  • 1980 Moscow News - 3rd AA 1981 Worlds - 2nd V, 2nd HB 1983 Worlds - 3rd AA, 1st VT