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Alexander  Alexandrov
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World Championships Workout: Team Russia

on November 30, 2011

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This week's gymnastics workout video features the 2011 World silver medalists and 2010 World Champions, Team Russia. Gymnastike takes you inside their training session in Tokyo, just 24 hours before the 2011 World Championships Team Final where the finished 2nd behind Team USA.

The Russians had a successful World Championships but were not totally satisfied with how they fared in Tokyo. First year senior Viktoria Komova led the team with high start values and beautiful artistry but fell just short of the all around gold, finishing less than a tenth behind Jordyn Wieber for the silver. Komova went on to dominate the uneven bars final, her best event, and claimed the World title with teammate Tatiana Nabieva winning the silver. The fifth and final medal won by the Russians in Tokyo was a gold medal on floor for team veteran Ksenia Afanasyeva.

Gymnasts in this video: Viktoria Komova, Tatiana Nabieva, Ksenia Afanasyeva, Yulia Inshina, Yulia Belokobylskaya, and team alterante Alyona Polyan. Head coach is Alexander Alexandrov.
Music by the Kyoto Connection

Alexander Alexandrov is the current head coach of the Russian Gymnastics Federation. Alexander was a head coach of the former Soviet Women's team before moving to the USA to coach for many years. He has immense experience training some of the World's best gymnasts including: Svetlana Boguinskaya (World and Olympic Champion), Oksana Chusovitina, Tatiana Gutsu, Dimitry Bilozerchev (Olympic and World Champion), and Valentin Mogilny to name a few. While in Houston, Texas he coached some of the top elites in the world including: Carly Patterson, Dominique Moceanu, Kim Zmeskal, and Mohini Bhardwaj. He was the head women's coach at the Houston Gymnastics Academy when he got the call to return to Russia and take over the national program.

In 2010, Alexandrov led the Russian women's team to their first World Championships team gold medal since the breakup of the Soviet Union, and Aliya Mustafina claimed the all around title. At the 2011 World Championships, the Russian team won the team silver and left Tokyo with a total of 5 medals.

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