Lexy Ramler

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Lexy Ramler
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KidSport (Lexy Ramler) - UB 9.65 1st

on March 1, 2014

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Lexy Ramler of KidSport Gymnastics wins bars at the 2014 Northern Lights Classic. Ramler also won the level 10 JR All Around title.

Lexy Ramler is a junior international elite who trains at KidSport Gymnastics Center in Minnesota.

In 2013, Lexy qualified to the Level 10 JO National Championships where she won the the bars and all around event titles as well as placing sixth on vault in the Junior A Division. Earlier in the season, Lexy qualified to the Nastia Liukin Cup. Lexy also competed at the US National Championships where her scores qualified her to the 2013 Secret Classic.

In 2012, Lexy competed at the Level 10 JO National Championships.

Lexy began competing as a Level 10 in 2011.

  • KidSport Gymnastics Center

  • February 6, 1999

  • 2013 JO Nationals Bars and All Around Champion (Junior A)

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