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Megan Marsden
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Workout Wednesday- Utah Style

on December 17, 2014

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Continuing in the Fight For The Crown series, this week's Workout Wednesday follows a special Red Rocks practice, the day before a meet.

Megan is the Associate Head Coach at the University of Utah. Megan is also a former Utah gymnast, and was the most successful collegiate gymnast during her time as a Ute. She led Utah to four straight national titles, won the NCAA all-around championship in 1983 and 1984, along with the 1984 vault championship. She finished her career as a 12-time first-team All-American and as the NCAA all-arounder record holder. She also graduated as the school record-holder on the vault, beam and floor. Her senior year, she received the Broderick Award, recognizing her as the country's top collegiate woman gymnast.She joined Utah's coaching staff right after her competitive career, serving as the program's assistant coach from 1985-96 and getting promoted to associate head coach in 1997. Megan was name as the NCAA Assistant Coach of the Year in 2005, and has been named NCAA Regional Assistant Coach of the year twice (2005, 2007).

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