Rebecca Bross

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Rebecca Bross
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Rebecca Bross Hasn't Ruled out a Comeback

on February 8, 2014

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Gymnastike caught up with World medalist Rebecca Boss after the 2014 WOGA Classic. Bross hasn't competed since the 2012 Olympic Trials and is considering making a comeback.

Rebecca is a member of the US Senior National Team and trains at WOGA under coaches Valeri Liukin and Natalya Marakova.

Although Bross was already quite successful by 2008, she was not age eligible for the Beijing Olympics. She went on to make the U.S. team at the World Championships in 2009 and 2010. In 2009, Bross took silver in the all-around, behind teammate Bridget Sloan.

In 2010, Rebecca won the national all around, uneven bars, and balance beam titles. She placed second on balance beam. That same year, she won the Tyson American Cup. At the Pac Rim Championships, she won team, all around, floor, and balance beam and placed second on uneven bars. She came back from nagging injuries in 2010 to land on the podium again, this time in third. She also won a silver with the team and an uneven bars bronze.

At the senior national championships in 2011, Rebecca did not deliver the same results as fans are used to seeing, but she was recovering from an injury during the time of competition. Sadly, Rebecca injured her knee on the second day during her vaulting rotation. She placed 8th on beam with a combined score of 27.6 and placed 2nd on floor with a combined score of 29.5.

In 2012, Rebecca returned from her knee injury to compete at the 2012 Visa Championships, placing fourth on uneven bars, the team's weakest event. Her results qualified her to the Olympic Trials.

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