Anna Li

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Anna Li
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Catching Up w/ Anna Li- Passion Continues through Coaching

on July 18, 2014

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Its been two years since Anna Li competed in her last competition at the Olympic Trials and she has made the switch from gymnast to coach/judge. Anna talks about coaching along side her parents at their gym Legacy Elite in Illinois as well as the judging at the elite level.

Anna Li is a member of the US Women's Senior National Team. She was a member of the UCLA Gymnastics team for the 2007-2010 seasons and competed all-around for the Bruins. Anna helped lead the Bruins to their sixth NCAA team title in 2010. Anna was named as an alternate to the 2012 Olympic Team.

As of 2013, Anna Li returned home to be coached by her parents, Jiani Wu and Yuejiu Li who are both Chinese Olympians, at Legacy Elite Gymnastics in Illinois. She continues to pursue gymnastics through her participation in the Pro Gymnastics Challenge as well as publicly stating her interest in stunt work.

In 2012, Anna has made statements on the uneven bars, competing a routine with a 6.8 difficulty score. She became the first woman to compete a Hop 1 1/2 on bars, called a Rybalko, which she does in combination with a Jaeger release. At the 2012 Secret Classic, Anna missed her new combination, but finished 8th all around. At the Visa Championships, Anna hit both bar routines, winning bronze on the event and earning a spot at the Olympic Trials.

At the 2011 CoverGirl Classic, Anna tied for 7th on the Uneven Bars. At the 2011 Visa Championships, she tied for 3rd on the Uneven Bars with a combined score of 29.45. Anna's expertise on the Uneven Bars make her a great asset to the US National Team. Anna was selected as alternate for the 2011 gold medal winning US Women's World Team which competed in Tokyo, Japan.

  • Legacy Elite Gymnastics

  • Waubonsie Valley HS

  • UCLA

  • 2012 Olympic Alternate 2012 First woman to compete a Rybalko (hop 1 1/2) on bars 2010 NCAA Team Champion, UCLA