Liang Chow

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Liang Chow
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Chow on Norah's Performance and Gabby's Return

on April 12, 2014

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Chow talks with us after Norah's big performance at Pac Rims. He tells us Norah's future plans and the similarity between Norah and Shawn Johnsons. He also shares his thoughts on being reunited with Gabby Douglas.

Liang Chow is a former Chinese gymnast and the personal coach of the 2008 Olympic balance beam champion Shawn Johnson and the 2012 Olympic individual all-around champion Gabby Douglas.

Growing up in Beijing, Chow was tapped by a district club at the age of 5 to train in gymnastics. He was on China's national gymnastics team for more than a decade, winning numerous national and international medals. However, he never competed in an Olympics; in 1988 he was too young to make the Chinese team, and before 1992 he suffered a back injury and retired from competition.

He moved to the United States in 1991 on the suggestion of his aunt, who was working on her Ph.D. at the University of Iowa. He accepted an English scholarship and a position as an assistant coach for the University of Iowa's men's gymnastics program. Afterwards he accepted a coaching job for the women's program. Out of his work with female gymnasts, Chow decided to open his own gym to train gymnasts at a younger age, when they would be more flexible and open to learning new skills. He and his wife, Liwen Zhuang, moved to West Des Moines, Iowa and opened Chow's Gymnastics and Dance Institute on August 23, 1998. He expanded his operation to a two-gym facility by 2003.

Chow was the personal coach of Shawn Johnson since 1998. He began working with Gabby Douglas in 2010.

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