Anastasia Grishina

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Anastasia Grishina
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2013 Anadia World Cup Finals, pt 2: Women UB and Men PH (part 1)

on June 24, 2013

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2013 Anadia World Challenge Cup broadcast, part 2. Watch the first half of the Women's Uneven Bars and Men's Pommel Horse finals from the 2013 Anadia World Cup. Russia's Anastasia Grishina leads off the competition with an impressive, world class routine. This is an archived video from the Gymnastike Gold Live Stream.

Anastasia Grishina is a member of the Russian National Team and a 2012 Olympian.

A talented and well-rounded gymnast, Grishina could challenge for multiple medals in London, including with the Russian team, in the all-around and on beam and floor exercise.

As a first-year senior in 2012, Grishina has had a successful, albeit inconsistent year. At the European Championships, she helped Russia to a silver medal in the team competition and took home another silver on uneven bars.

At the Russian Championships in 2012, Grishina placed third all-around, a placed on all four events, placing first on floor, second on vault and beam and third on bars. Throughout the year, she has struggled, falling multiple times on both balance beam and floor exercise.

Months before the London Games, Grishina has been slowed by a leg injury, but should be recovered in time for the Olympics.

Grishina competed as a junior at the 2010 European Championships, where she won gold with her team, on floor and on uneven bars, and placed second all-around.

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